Repairing Pot Metal or White Metal


Due to stupidity on my part I was standing in the shop one day looking at a broken power feeder bracket.

I think I could have ordered a replacement part, but I really needed to use it that afternoon.

I had some aluminum gas welding rod and some flux and decided to experiment a bit.

I used a wire wheel to remove all of the existing paint and dirt from the bracket. I was able to use a bench vise to hold the broken pieces together.

I used an acetylene torch and a small welding tip to heat the parts and weld them together with the aluminum welding rod.

After allowing it to cool slowly, I used a die grinder and a 4" grinder to smooth everything up a bit.

This piece has been in service for a few month now and is holding up very well.

I am not a metallurgist, but I think there are different alloys of what is called pot or white metal. So be careful if you decide to try this. Because your results may vary.

I'll admit, not breaking it would have been much easier, but this quick repair did get things up and running. Even though I spent over an hour making the repair, that was better than waiting two weeks for parts.


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