Forstner bit for angled holes


I recently needed to drill a large number of hole at about a 45 degree angle. The holes were for some log and twig stairs and accents. It was not feasible to use a drill press, and I wanted to use the forstner style of bit for the clean cut holes.

Using a stock bit was out of the question because, at an angle the center point of the bit does not contact the work piece. So I needed to extend the center point.

This one is a one inch bit.
You first need to anneal the center point of the bit to soften the metal.
Heat it to red hot and allow it to cool slowly. I buried mine in some wood ashes.

Next you need to drill the center. I used a metal lath. With some careful clamping you could do it in a drill press. This one I opted for a 1/8" bit.

Next drill and tap the shank to accept a set screw. I used two opposite of each other. You can see one allen head screw in the photo in between the fluting.


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