Add an Aluminum Face to your shaper fence.


This shaper fence may not be something everyone can use, but a few might find it useful.

It's a very nice fence, the problem for most is the materials used. The fence is from a extra piece of aluminum rail from a Delta uni saw fence I had in the shop. I upgraded my uni saw fence to the 60" rip capacity, so I had the shorter rail laying around.

The first thing you have to do is rip one face of the aluminum to remove the small ridge. Aluminum cut very well on the table saw with a good carbide blade.

The rail on the right is the original rail, the one on the left is after the small triangle if aluminum has been removed.
After ripping on the table saw I sanded the face to remove the light saw marks. If you look closely at the left hand rail you can see a few areas that still have the factory finish. I was not concerned with polishing the aluminum to a mirror finish. After I sanded I applied a coat of past wax to the fence face.
Notice the T-slot notch at the bottom of the rails. A 5/16" bolt slides perfectly onto this notch. This is how the rails attach to the original cast portions of the shaper fence.
When the nuts on these bolts are loosened, the fence sections can be slid closer or father away from the cutter head.


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